Black Falcon Z Phone Holder

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The new and improved design Black Falcon Z Phone Holder is perfect to keep your smart devices stable and with quick release side handle, anti-theft function, and reinforced base for durability.

For smartphone 4.7" to 6.5".  

>> Streamlined Look: One-handed operation for easy use.
>> Patented design: Sturdy built holding the smartphone fast.
>> Shock-absorbing: EVA foam minimise the vibration, even after a long time on the move.
>> User-friendly design: It does not obstruct or interfere with phone use.
>> Expansion Bolt for LA series (T-EB01)


LA3-Z Phone Holder
Aluminium alloys
Size 205 x 620 x 100mm
Weight 45g 

Material Aluminium alloys
Size 236 x 241 x 443mm
Weight 60g 

T-PH05-B Phone Stand
Material Aluminium alloys, Stainless Steel, POM, EVA foam
Size 50x 145 x 50mm
Opening Size 158 x 90 x 130mm
Weight 97g