MAGURA Hymec Hydraulic Clutch Kit for YAMAHA Tenere 700 (2019-)

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MAGURA HYMEC – an easy to install alternative to a mechanical clutch. This system replaces the clutch lever and cable – with a small lightweight hydraulic system for improved clutch control. The hymec ensures an easier operating pressure, a constant pressure point, no more cable adjustment and smooth clutch actuation to ensure the perfect take-off every time. Hymec significantly improves vehicle performance – it allows the user to feel the point where the clutch releases and actuates. This product has been developed over many years and been tested under the toughest conditions possible in the world of motorcycle off-road sport. It has been used by world champion riders who all agree as to the benefits but it is just as useful to the complete novice who stalls at the traffic lights. Due to demand magura now offers the hymec system for various road going motorcycles.

  • Easy operation - Less hand force required with hydraulic operation and a clearly defined pressure point make your biker life easier!
  • Reach Adjust, reduced Maintenance - The fully reach adjustable lever offers a comfort advantage and with the "Fold-away" function tries to avoid a breakage should the motorcycle fall over.