Multi-Purpose Waterless Hand Wipes (6 wipes per box)

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>> Heavy Duty Hand Wipes can remove all forms of industrial dirt, leaving hands CLEAN fast and easy.
>> Comprises of natural lemon acid that encapsulates the toughest industrial grease and grime, then with a simple wipe leaving you with amazingly clean skin. Also contains lotion to dry and cracked hands.
>> Wipes is perfect for gearheads, shop rats, construction workers, custodial services, carpenters, landscapers, and more.
>> Gets rid of grease, grime, paint, inks, asphalt and all forms of industrial dirt
>> Non-Toxic Solvents by SGS, Non-REACH SVHC Candidate List, Non-CA Prop 65 List of Chemicals

Technical Data

Weight 0.11 kg
Package Quantity 6-pc per box