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PANEL TAPP™ 2.1 Amp Weatherproof USB Power Port

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This compact, easy to mount, all-weather 2.1 amp USB Power Port is the answer for powering and charging your TABLETS1 , cell phones, smart phones2 , most GPS units, MP3 players and some digital cameras. It mounts easily to any panel up to 3/4” thick. A removable/replaceable seal cap protects the power port from dust and water. The co-extruded cable jacket ensures a robust installation on any vehicle. USB cable connection is all-weather when used with a 3BR Powersports’ patented TAPP CAPPed cable.


>> Input Voltage: 12V ± 4.0V
>> USB (Output) Voltage: 5V ±.25V
>> Output Current: 2.1A Max.
>> Weatherproof up to full water wash down.
>> TAPP family of USB power ports are the ONLY powersports USB power port that are all-weather when a USB cable is plugged in*
>> Full length threads on housing allow use with panels up to 3/4" thick.
>> Panel nut can be tightened without tools.
>> Removable/replaceable seal cap.
>> TAPP CAPP™ included in kit
>> Powers: Tablets including iPAD, most cell phones & smart phones including Android cell phones and smart phones, Apple, Samsung, Motorola, & LG. Also most GPS, Apple iPod, and any other device that charges using 2.1A or less of USB power.
>> Note: some Android devices require a special charging cable such as Red Band™ smartphone quick charge cable for maximum charge rate.

*When cable is equipped with TAPP CAPP™ (included in kit)