YAMAHA T-Max 530 Full System Exhaust 2

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The full exhaust system is the result of a long research and development process of R&D department of SC-Project made specific on Yamaha T-Max 530 2019.

The headers and the muffler are developed specific on T-Max in order to have the best performance result and the best noise level for the euro4 regulation: the full exhaust system is homologated euro4 and it’s street legal for road use.

In the link pipe is installed the catalyst (removable just to use the exhaust in the circuit) and the exhaust is provided with specific T-Max euro4 homologation document: TUV SUD is the company that approve the test and follow the process with the homologation authority.

The full exhaust system is provided with the hole for the lambda probe, and the use of CNC machined bushings turned from solid allow the exhaust system impeccable coupling that make fitting easier and improve system performance.

The SC1-R muffler has sophisticated technical solutions, like the dB-killer made with different steps and the hydroformed output in the carbon fiber cap, with a special racing aesthetic design: in fact the SC1-R is the muffler used also for the exhaust of SBK and SS World Championship!

The dyno test is the result of the research & development process on T-Max 530: for the homologated version euro4 with kat inside the maximum performance increase is 1,2 hp at 7.250 rpm, and for the racing configuration the maximum performance increase is 2,5 hp at 7.250 rpm.

Line Full Exhaust System 2-1
Headers Material Stainless Steel Aisi 304
Body Material  Titanium
End Cap Material Carbon
Outlet diameter Ø40 mm
Frame attachment Welded bracket
Lambda probe Yes
DB-Killer Yes
Homologation - EC, TUV approved Yes - Street Legal - Euro 4
Approval Certificate Yes
Weight -2,4Kg (Stock 8 Kg/ SC 5,6 Kg)