Alu Standard Right Sidebox 35

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With the Hepco&Becker Alu Standard collection, we have created models that also stand up to extreme conditions with no trouble at all. The 1.5 mm thick, smooth, highly durable aluminium alloy helped give the collection its name. With their right-angled shape, Alu Standard side cases provide spacious, practical storage space with no protruding corners or edges and are easy to load from above. The foam lod seal keeps the content of the sidecase dry. The different widths sidecases can be combined into a set of Enduro with 30/40. Especially recommended for sidecase carriers that have different mounting widths due to the high exhaust system position typical of Enduros. The Enduro set can eliminate this asymmetry again.

  • can be mounted to nearly every Hepco&Becker sidecase carrier
  • incl. locks, cylinders and keys
  • toploader
  • Recommended loading: 10kg per box
  • chrome railing for additional loading on top of the box
  • waterproof
  • embossed ribs for corner reinforcement
  • sidecase is fixed to the sidecarrier with a Aluadapter. This adapter is within delivery of the box. If lost, you need the following part no.: 700201
  • inner bags available
  • weight: 5.9 kg
Weight 7.0 kg
color silver
effective packing volume (liter) 36
measurements outside (HxWxD) cm 35,5 x 48 x 23 cm
inner measurements (HxWxD) cm 32,5 x 42,5 x 18 cm