Softbag Set Street Reloaded for C-Bow Side Carrier

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The new (old)  STREET Reloaded soft bags  for our HEPCO & BECKER C-Bow side carriers are a new edition of the original version of the Street bags.
Otherwise the quality and the way the bags are attached to the motorcycle is the same.

Not too expansive, the storage volume is definitely sufficient for the weekend trip. The bags can withstand a short shower, while the waterproof inner pockets protect the contents during longer periods of rain.

Compared to conventional fastening with straps under the bench, our system with the C-Bow holder offers a decisive
advantage: the theft-proof and secure fastening with a lock on the C-Bow holder,
no slipping, no hanging down - always in good shape.

  • waterproof inner pockets incl.
  • Stable back wall for attaching the bags to the C-Bow holder
  • Theft-proof secured with a lock on the C-Bow holder
  • Fits most Hepco & Becker C-Bow side carriers (Please note the model-specific information on the respective carrier.)
  • Recommended load: 3-5kg per bag (Please note the model-specific information for the respective carrier, as well as the motorcycle manufacturer-specific information.
  • Recommended maximum speed: 130km / h (Please note the service information for the bag or carrier and the motorcycle-specific manufacturer's information)
  • Luggage systems generally do not require an ABE or entry