Softbag Set Street (2020) for C-Bow Side Carrier

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The new  STREET soft bags  2020 for our HEPCO & BECKER C-Bow side carriers not only look good, they are also solidly made and the luggage is easily accessible. In 2020 we gave the bag a little facelift. But don't worry: different design, usual quality!
Not too expansive, the stowage volume is definitely sufficient for the weekend trip. The bags can withstand a short shower, while the waterproof inner pockets protect the contents during longer periods of rain.

Compared to conventional fastening with straps under the bench, our system with the C-Bow holder offers a decisive
advantage: the theft-proof and secure fastening with a lock on the C-Bow holder,
no slipping, no hanging down - always in good shape.

  • Shoulder strap incl.
  • rubberized zipper
  • waterproof inner pockets with roll closure incl.
  • including key and cylinder
  • Stable back wall for attaching the bags to the C-Bow holder
  • Theft-proof secured with a lock on the C-Bow holder
  • Fits most Hepco & Becker C-Bow side carriers (Please note the model-specific information on the respective carrier for any restrictions that may have been stored.)
  • Recommended load: 3-5kg per bag (Please note the model-specific information for the respective carrier, as well as the motorcycle manufacturer-specific information.
  • Recommended maximum speed: 130km / h (Please note the service information for the bag or carrier and the motorcycle-specific manufacturer's information)
  • Luggage systems generally do not require an ABE or entry