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BARTubeless ® Wheelset for BMW R 1200/1250 GS

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BARTubeless® is our exclusive system to seal any spoke rim allowing a spoked wheel to wear a tubeless tire: a polymer rubber band, tailor-made to fit any spoke wheel, that definitively seals the rim to grant the maximum air tightness.

Why BARTubeless?
Light-Weight it weighs less than an air chamber, reduces masses and improve performances
Protects the Rim from oxidation, increasing its durability and reducing maintenance

-4× 2RS sealed bearings

-full form CNC anodised aluminum hub w/ ergal alloy spacer
-36× steel spokes
-isosceles-bitangential spoke pattern for maximum strength
-Excel 3.00 × 19” anti-debeading rim
-BARTubeless® system

-full form CNC anodized aluminum hub

-36× steel spokes
-Isosceles-bitangential spoke pattern for maximum strength
-Excel 4.50 × 17” anti-debeading rim
-BARTubeless® system