Digital Torque Adapter - 1/2" & 3/8"

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Convert any Ratchet or Breaker Bar into a Digital Torque Measuring Tool!
Calibrate or also check your Torque Wrenches!

Specially designed to have perfectly precise end-to-end tightening tolerances, the SBV Tools digital torque adapter is the essential tool for torque adjustment with extreme precision.

Light and sound indicators, LED back light, 10 value presets, 240 ° swivel screen and reversible for easy reading in any situation. Works in Clockwise and Counterclockwise directions. 

Precise & Reliable This digital torque adapter gives you a torque adjustment range from 40 to 203 Nm /29.50 to 150 ft-lbs with a guaranteed accuracy of CW±1% (Clock Wise) and CCW± 2% (Counter Clock Wise). It also works from 1 to 39 Nm with an accuracy of CW±3% (Clock Wise) and CCW± 4% (Counter Clock Wise).This will easily cover all your torque requirements. Scale is available in Nm, ft-lbs and many other units for your convenience.
Torque Measuring Tool Our 1/2″ Digital torque wrench converts any ratchet or breaker bar into a precise measuring tool. Also includes 3/8″ adapter (1/2″ F x 3/8″ M) for smaller projects.
Light & Easy to Use Our torque wrench set is designed to be extra light and easy to transport in the strong provided blow mold case (BMC).
Smart LED Display The digital display on this 1/2” torque adapter can be easily rotated up to 240° for accurate view at any angle and at the touch of a button the screen can be flipped 180° for desired orientation.  LED backlight ensures that torque indications are clearly visible in dim conditions.

Torque Range 40-203 Nm / 29.50-150 ft-lbs
Drive Size 1/2" Dr. & 3/8" adapter (1/2"F x 3/8"M)
Guaranteed Accuracy CW±1% (Clock Wise) and CCW± 2% (Counter Clock Wise).
Unit Selection kg-cm, kg-m, lb-in, lb-ft, Nm
Memory Presets 10 presets
Auto Shut Off 3 Minutes (when not in use)
Adapter Dimension 50 x 50 x 76mm
Box Dimension 120.5 x 60 x 180mm