Kickstand Enlargement for TRIUMPH Tiger 800 XC / XCX / XCA

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Just fully packed, or on unstable ground, the motorcycle threatens to sink easily on the side stand.
A precisely shaped milled spreading plate, which is quickly screwed to the side stand and freed from this danger
is now available!

  • More than 100% larger surface area
  • Safe stand of the machine on all surfaces
  • Oxidation-proof black anodised

Additional Info

ike specific infos Depending on the model variant, the side stand must be folded out to be jacked up onto the center stand.
Compatible with following models Tiger 800 (2010-2014)
Tiger 800 XC (2010-2014)
Tiger 800 XC/XCX/A (2015-)
Tiger 800 XR/T (2015-)
Weight 0.4 kg