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Motorbike 4T Bike-Additive

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Increases engine performance. Removes deposits in the fuel system, on valves, spark plugs and in the combustion chamber and prevents renewed formation. This also reduces fuel consumption. Protects the entire fuel system from corrosion. Prevents carburetor icing. Cat tested.


>>  Environmentally friendly
>>  For carburetor and fuel-injection engines
>>   Highly economical
>>  Increases operational reliability
>>  Normalizes gasoline consumption and exhaust emissions values
>>  Optimizes engine performance
>>  Protects fuel system against corrosion
>>  Reduces residues
>>  Reduces the risk of knocking combustion
>>  Tested for catalytic converters


Added to fuel for all four-stroke motorbike engines (aspirated and injection). 125 millilitres (ML) Motorbike 4T Bike Additive is sufficient for 15 to 20 litres (L) of fuel. Add every time you fill up.