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Motorbike Chain Cleaner

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Specially developed cleaner with selected solvent combinations for fast, easy cleaning and degreasing structural parts in the two-wheel sector. 


>>  Absolutely free of chlorine
>>  Controlled evaporation free of residues
>>  Dissolves resin and tar-type residues
>>  High proportion of active components
>>  Leaves no residues
>>  Low surface tension
>>  Optimizes economical use
>>  Optimum penetration capacity
>>  Removes oil and grease-based contaminants


  1. Place a box or rag under the parts to be cleaned.
  2. Spray dirty chains with Motorbike Chain Cleaner and let it run off. After the solvents have evaporated, the chain will be clean and free of grease and ready to be coated with Motorbike Chain Lube or Chain Spray White. (Note: Do not spray onto plastics. Do not lay rubber components in a container with Cleaning Fluid to clean them as they may be attacked. Note Check parts which have been painted for compatibility by testing on a hidden area.)