Muc-Off Motorcycle All-Weather Chain Lube

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MUC OFF All-Weather motorcycle chain lubricant has unique water repellent, ceramic, non-fling formula that penetrates deep into the chain links. 

MUC OFF Ceramic Chain Lube is the first of its kind that provide chain efficiency that creates durable protective coating which will guard your chain against corrosion and metal wear in all weather conditions.


Increases chain durability
>> Water repellent all weather
>> Last longer for distance touring on/off-road riding
>> High performance synthetic formulation for maximum protection
>> Ceramic additives increase component life and maximize horsepower
>> Contains UV over spray dye
>> Comes with free long straw for easy spraying. Applicable for street and off-road motorcycle chain.
>> Contain unique formula which has UV Dye. You can accurately see the lubricants specific coverage by using a UV Torch.
>> Advantage for using MUC OFF chain lube is you can extend longer between reapplication intervals. Endurance Chain Lubricant means longer intervals between applications with greater protection for your motorcycle chain.
>> *Applicable for all types of standard motorcycle chains and O-ring, X-ring and Z-ring. Ideal for touring motorcycles or daily riders and performance for all motorcycles covering longer distances.