ROYSTER Daypack Tankbag (5L)

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The new Royster Daypack has been designed and developed for daily use, so that small belongings are always save on a short trip. This tankbag has also the unmistakable look of the Royster products.

This small bag is to be paired with the HEPCO&BECKER Lock-it Tankrings, which can be mounted on all models with a suitable caps. 

The principle of operation:

The problems with the application of the tankbags are eliminated by the magnetic centering, which makes it easy and fast to handle. The ribs on the side of the magnets secure the system mechanically. The transmission forces of the holder are over 70kg vertical load, so that a stable and secure connection is ensured at any time to the motorcycle. To unlock, you need to pull on the holding strap and the magnets unlock the system. In this case, the magnets are oriented in the same direction, so they are positively opposed and you can take off the tankbag.

Simple and effective – just genius.


  • Mounting with original HEPCO&BECKER Lock-it Tankring
  • Extremely high form-stable because of EVA material
  • With yellow and grey zippers
  • Reflective triangle spots attached on both sides for better visibility in the dark
  • Top and bottom tray of abrasion-resistant polyester D1200
  • Lockable zippers 
  • Carrier handle
  • Light-weight
  • No direct placement of the tankbag on the tank, to avoid damage of the paint
  • Fresh and distinctive design due to angular and concise lines
  • Perfect for daily use

Additional Info

Weight 1.1 kg
Colour black
Effective packing volume (liter) 5
External Measurements  (HxWxD) cm 15 x 25 x 30 cm
Inner measurements (HxWxD) cm 14 x 24 x 29 cm