S100 Visor & Helmet Cleaning w/ MicroFibre Towel

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For visors and helmet outer shells, headlights, touring windshields and mirrors.

Countless flies meet a sticky end on a visor, helmet, headlights and touring windshields. This doesn't just impact the look of the motorcycle, but also the rider's vision and therefore safety.

Application: Spray liquid on – wipe off – done. For heavy soiling, leave to work for up to 1 minute. Then remove dirt with the microfibre towel include and dry after wiping. Use the cloth as much as needed. Cloth is washable up to 60° C.

Note: Please follow the manufacturer's care instructions. The coated inside of the pinlock should not be cleaned due to an increased risk of scratches!


  •  Includes microfibre cloth for effective cleaning
  •  Cleans with no scratches or streaks
  •  Suitable for all kinds of visors, no matter whether they're clear, tinted, mirrored or anti-fog coated
  •  Ideal for multiple use
  •  Other application areas include helmet outer shells, headlights, touring windshields and mirrors