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SDP935 SDP Pro-MX Brakes

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Fits the following makes & models:

B.M.W G 450 X (08'-11')
K.T.M 200 EX/ EXC (04'-16')
250 EXC/ Six Days (04'-18')
250 EXC-F/ Six Days (07'-18')
300 EXC/ Six Days (04'-18')
350 EXC-F/ Six Days (12'-20')
400 EXC/G (06'-09')
450 EXC/F/ Six Days (04'-20')
450 SMR (05'-14')
500 EXC (12'-16')

Pro MX High-Performance Brake Pads

>> Developed by Pro Factory riders for MX, enduro, hare scrambles, supercross and off-road use where performance is the prime requirement
>> High-performance HH-rated friction material
>> Equally adept in wet or dry conditions
>> No brake fade
>> Excellent initial response and quick break-in
>> Provides a competitive edge under all conditions
>> Grey-coloured, state-of-the-art zirconium-based ceramic material on backplate works as a heat shield in maximum-stress race conditions
>> DP PRO MX pads are available in a limited number of fitments
>> Used by top supercross, motocross and enduro riders
>> MX Sport recommended for all motocross racing and compwtitive enduro use
>> GG friction material
>> Equal performance in wet or dry conditions
>> Ideal replacement on off-road bikes where durability is the prime requirement