Universal Security Strap - Single

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STEELCORE"s Locking Security Strap is the ideal solution for protecting your valuables requiring a slightly longer strap.

Includes 2 keys and complete instructions.

Uses include:
>> Bikes
>> Motorcycles
>> Surfboards
>> Electronics
>> Off Road Accessories
>> Sporting goods
>> Furniture
>> Hunting Rifles
>> Ladders
>> Tools
>> And on and on...

Steelcore’s Locking Security strap is the ideal solution for protecting so many of your most valuables. It can be used to add security to a variety of possessions like Bikes, Motorcycles, Outdoor furniture, Toolboxes, Cargo, Off-road accessories, Surfboards, ATV’s, ATM Machines and so much more.

The straps have a 7/19 steel cable at the center (i.e. 7 cores, with 19 strands of steel wire each!), covered in a cut-resistant, double-ply, poly-propylene webbing. The poly strap is also designed to minimize damage to any surface finishes. The straps have an aircraft grade aluminum cam buckle that is powder coated for corrosion resistance, with a shutter lock to keep out debris.

Available in two sizes: 6m & 4.5m