Z Phone Holder with Clamp (Anti-Theft Version)

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The Z PHONE HOLDER that is perfect to keep your smart devices stable and secure on your two wheel rides! 

Combined with R2 Ranger clamp, this phone holder can be used on several location to suit your needs without the use of tools.

For smartphone 4.7" to 6.5".  


>>  Streamline Look: One-handed operation for easy use.
>>  Patented design: Sturdy built holding the smartphone fast.
>>  Shock-absorbing: EVA foam minimise the vibration, even after a long time on the move.
>>  User-friendly design: It does not obstruct or interfere with phone use.
>>  Consists of: R2 Essential Ranger clamp comes with a Quick Release Clip for Action Camera.

Technical Data

T-PH05 Phone Holder
Material Aluminium alloys, stainless steel, POM, EVA foam
Opening Size 137 x 66 x 10mm (min), 170 x 85 x 12mm (max)

R2 Essential Ranger
Material Aluminium alloys
Clamp Capacity Ø 10 - 32mm, Thickness 5 - 32mm